Thursday, December 4, 2008

Day 1: Pre-cleanse

Since it's my 1st time doing this, I have to do the 2 days of "pre-cleansing" to start, and then I can start on the official 9 day cleanse. Today is a "shake day" which means 2 shakes to replace 2 meals, and one normal meal. No caffeine today - coffee/soda/etc. - only water. Hopefully I don't get headaches :-/

I had the Isagenix chocolate (or Mocolate, rather - ;-) ker) shake this morning blended with ice - pretty good as far as mocolate is concerned, and also filling! Now I just drink water until lunch time. The only snacks I am allowed to have today are 2 almonds at a time, if I absolutely need them, and not to exceed 12 per day. I'm going to try to do without for now.

For lunch, I can have a normal (healthy) 400-600 calorie meal. Will probably have a salad with chicken or something like that...

Feeling good so far!

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