Thursday, December 4, 2008

Isagenix 9 Day Cleanse - some background

So I found out about this from a fitness instructor at Equinox who has been in the fitness/nutrition industry for almost 30 years. She tried this 6 months ago for the first time and lost 10 lbs and kept it off (keep in mind shes a fitness instructor, but still). Since then, she has recommended it to over 200 people, almost all of which have seen significant results. Typically women lose between 7-10 lbs and visible inches in 9 days.

The point of this cleanse is to rid your body of excess toxins and chemicals. Toxins cling to our excess fat and cellulite, and are one of the main reasons that it is so hard to shed the extra lbs of fat. So this cleanse is designed to replenish your body with vitamins/minerals and other essential nutrients (which is very different from most cleanse diets which basically just flush out your system), jump start your metabolism, and speed up weight loss, and make you feel better and healthier overall.

Here's how it is broken down by day:
Day 1: Pre-Cleanse - Shake day (Thurs)
Day 2: Pre-Clease - Shake day (Fri)
Day 3-4: Cleanse days (Sat/Sun)
Day 5-9: Shake days (Mon-Fri)
Days 10-11: Cleanse days (Sat/Sun)

On "Shake days" I will replace 2 meals with the Isalean shake mix (230 calories - similar to most whey protein shakes), and have one normal (400-600) healthy meal.

On "Cleanse days" I will have the Cleanse for Life drink 4 times/day, along with at least 8-10oz. water and periodic Isagenix Snacks (chocolate snack tablet thingys). If necessary, I can have an apple or hard boiled egg as a snack. I will also take natural accelerator tablets twice/day to help with metabolism.

Lastly, it is recommended that you exercise for at least 20 mins/day. I can see this being hard on the "cleanse days"... but will try my best.

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